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Tumbbad Movie Watch Online Full Movie Hindi

In this post, you will know the details about when, where, and how you can watch Tumbbad Full Movie Online. Tumbbad is an Indian Hindi-language horror movie of 2018 which was released on 12 October 2018.

The Tumbad film directed by Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi served as the creative director, and Adesh Prasad served as the co-director.

The film Tumbbad was produced by Sohum Shah, Aanand L. Rai, Mukesh Shah, and Amita Shah. The Tumbbad movie is a story of greed and gold, India, 19th century: on the outskirts of a decrepit village called Tumbbad lives Vinayak, the stubborn, conniving bastard son of the village lord, obsessed with a mythical ancestral treasure.

Like most of the other much-awaited movies, the Tumbbad Movie turned out to be the victim of piracy websites. They leaked the Tumbbad movie online full movie HD on the internet. The DMCA blocks so many websites, but they keep changing their website domain name and keep doing that.

Also, the Tumbbad Movie had to face revenue loss because of the full movie brunt of online leaks by piracy websites.

Tumbbad Full Movie Online Summary/Story

Tumbbad movie is a story of greed and gold. The story unfolds when a father explains to his son how to collect medallions from a demon’s cave, which is known for buried treasure. In 1947, Vinayak Rao tells his 14-year-old son Pandurang about the Goddess of Prosperity. She is the symbol of unlimited gold (wealth) and grains (food) and the earth is her womb.

Tumbad Movie Watch Online Full Movie Hindi

Hastar, her first and most beloved offspring, was greedy for all her gold and food. Hastar has been sleeping inside his mother’s womb for many years. Sarkar later dies and the mother proposes leaving Tumbbad for Pune. Vinayak insists on finding the treasure that is rumoured to be hidden somewhere in the mansion. He should say the name “Hastar” to make her sleep. Meanwhile, Sadashiv dies on the way to the doctor.

14 years pass and Vinayak grows up, Vinayak returns to Tumbbad. The older woman, with now a tree growing out of her body, warns him he will be cursed to become immortal and turned into a monster like her if he touches the treasure i.e., Hastar. He offers his first gold coin to the opium merchant Raghav to pay off a debt. Each time he needs more money, Vinayak returns to Tumbbad to steal from Hastar.

Once the coast is clear, Pandurang climbs back to the surface to see his father being mutated into a monster outside the well. Vinayak presents him with the stolen loincloth that he stole from Hastar, but Pandurang refuses to take it. Sobbing at seeing what his father turned into, Pandurang reluctantly sets Vinayak on fire and leaves.

Tumbbad Full Movie Online Watch in Hindi Trailer

Tumbbad Trailer

Tumbbad Movie Online Box Office Collection

Tumbbad Movie collected ₹6.5 million in its opening day at the box office. The collection increased after positive word of mouth and the film earned ₹11.5 million on its second and ₹14.5 million on its third day.

Tumbbad film collected a total of ₹58.5 million during the first weekend. At the end of its nine-week theatrical run, Tumbbad earned a total of ₹136 million at the box office.

Watch Tumbbad Full Movie Online

Tumbbad Full Movie can be watched online on the Amazon Prime video or ZEE5 video streaming platform. To watch the Tumbbad movie online, Amazon Prime and ZEE5 have a robust film library for their users. You can stream most of the films online along with all the latest movies. Tumbbad started streaming since 2018.

So Tumbbad Full Movie is available on many online video streaming platforms, and you can watch it from there for free. If you already have a streaming platform’s monthly or yearly subscription, you can save the Tumbbad movie in high definition.

Tumbbad Movie Streaming Online Cast Details

  • Sohum Shah as Vinayak Rao
  • Jyoti Malshe as Vinayak’s mother
  • Dhundiraj Prabhakar Jogalekar as young Vinayak
  • Rudra Soni as Sadashiv
  • Madhav Hari Joshi as Sarkar
  • Pushpak Kaushik as Grandmother
  • Anita Date as Vinayak’s wife
  • Deepak Damle as Raghav
  • and others…

Tumbbad Movie Ratings

Tumbbad movie received mostly positive critical reviews. Rachit Gupta of The Times of India called the film “moody and atmospheric” and said that fans of Hollywood horror films will be reminded of Pan’s Labyrinth and Eraserhead.

Baradwaj Rangan wrote: “It’s been a while since something genre-based turned out so rich and mysterious, so defiantly its own thing.” The Indian Express’s Shubhra Gupta called it a “highly unusual, visually stunning, richly atmospheric concoction of genres and themes.”

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