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Solved: The site DOES NOT open without www

How to Solve Site Down or Unavailable Problem in AdSense?

This is very important that your site must Automatically be redirected from non-www (https://example.com) to www (https://www.example.com) when you try to open it in a browser.

If your site will not automatically redirect from non-www to www then AdSense will NOT approve your site, they will send a “site down or unavailable” issue.

In this post, you will learn how you can fix the Site Down or Unavailable problem for AdSense and also how you can redirect your site from non-www to www. Please read every point carefully.

NOTE: If you have purchased the Domain name from Google then CLICK HERE to solve your Site Down or Unavailable problem.

Redirect from non-www to www – Blogger

To solve the above issue, you have to make the following changes in your Blogger settings and DNS management settings

  1. First of all, Go to your Blogger Dashboard > click on settings > Scroll down to the “Publishing” section > in the publishing section> turn on “Redirect domain“.
Redirect domain in Blogger
Turn on: example.com To www.example.com
  1. If your blog is still not redirecting from non-www (https://example.com) to www (https://www.example.com) then go through the following steps:.

If you have set up the Domain Forwarding in your DNS management settings just to redirect from non-www to www then remove it right now.

  1. Now check the DNS Records and look, if there is any ‘A’ record, Name (@), and value (Parked). As shown below in the picture.
A Parked record in DNS
Remove this ‘A’ record if found

If you find the above record then click on the Edit icon and delete this record. Refresh the page.

  1. Now check if you have added these 4 ‘A’ Records in the DNS records as shown in the picture below.
4 'A' Records to Host Blogger blog
Add these, if not added already

If you have not added the above shown ‘A’ records then you should add them immediately. If you don’t do it then your website will not be able to redirect from non-www to www.

You can read this article on how to set up a custom domain with Blogger very correctly.

Now check that, you have added the following two ‘CNAME‘ records in your ‘DNS records’ or not, Most probably you would have added these two CNAME records.

Two CNAME records to connect Blogger with a custom Domain
Two CNAME records

(Optional): Now one more very important thing you have to do that is, verify your Domain Property in Google Search Console, sometimes it is automatically added by Google. Read this article on how to add or verify Domain Property in Google Search Console.

After 10 – 20 minutes of setting up all these things. You will see that your site is now started to redirecting from non-www (https://example.com) to www (https://www.example.com). That means, now your site is ready to re-apply for AdSense.

But I will recommend that you should post 1 or 2 articles, then after 1 or 2 days, you should apply again for AdSense.

If you still have any questions regarding this then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi my respected friend i applied fr adsense 5 times but i faced same problem site down or unavailable. i have fixed all mistakes but like robot.txt, DNS setting & Broken link. But i am not be able to get adsense approve.
    this is my site https://www.weightlosesecrets.com
    kindly check my site and if there is any mistakke kindly tell me & i hope you will give me positive feedback!!!!!

  2. Abhishek


    I've checked your site, you've set everything well. I think you should re-apply for AdSense after 1 or 2 days. And I'm not sure about the main reason for rejection of yoyr site.

    Your site's template may be responsible for this disapproval. I'm not sure whether or not your template is the reason for the disapproval, but it could be. Because at the beginning when I created my blog, I used the same type of template that you and my blog rejected by AdSense for the reason "valuable inventory: no content" and when I changed the template I got AdSense approval. So I think you should change the template till AdSense approval. Once your site is approved, then you can restore your template if you wish.

  3. Abhishek


    I have updated my AdSense related posts, read them and follow all the steps carefully to solve "Site down or Unavaliable" problem.

  4. MeAnkitz

    Brother mere me A record ke near me edit ka icon hi nahi aa raha hai.

    Bahut dino se pareshan hu, nahi ho raha hai. Please dekhiye niche link de raha hu open hi nahi hota hai.


  5. A.H. Rangrezz

    Hello Brother

    Very nice information thanks, I follow up all the instruction in concern Valuable Inventory : No Content on my site, I fix it all as you said in above post.

    Can you please check my website:- https://www.aasoupdate.com

    Is it open without www because when I checked it in my phone, it says site can't be reached and its not redirecting https://aasoupdate.com to www (https://www.aasoupdate.com)

    Please bro review my site, tell me what's the reason.

    And also I have 107 article in my blog with over 500 words.

    But yet I could not get AdSense approval…

  6. A.H. Rangrezz

    Hello Sir

    I sent you a screenshot of my DNS Records, you may please check it into your mailbox


  7. Abhishek


    I have checked your site and I think everything is fine on your site now, so you can apply for AdSense again.

  8. Abhishek

    I have checked your site and I think everything is fine on your website now.

    But if your site still has "site down or Unavailable error" then send me a Screenshot of your DNS records.

  9. seoservicedelhi

    The article I read was exceptionally helpful as it has the all the data identified with Website optimization that I required. I am obliged to peruse the post. seo services delhi

  10. Abhishek

    There is no any problem on your site, you can apply for AdSense.

    But if you still have this problem on your site then you can send me a screenshort of your DNS records so that I can better understand the problems of your site and help you to solve it.

  11. Hello mobiles

    My site is androidranger.in am applied adsense for my site they are said your site is down or un available. Host- hostingar using how to i fix by word press

  12. Kelly Gibson

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  14. Listen my domain is blogspot domain start without www so how can I add www to it? As u said that we will never be approved by Google AdSense if our site doesn't start with www. So what should I do now? I don't have any custom domain. Please reply and help me

  15. Abhishek

    If your domain is blogspot domain then you should not have Site down or Unavailable problem.

    Any of your posts are not indexed in Google, even your site is not indexed. I think you need to submit your site & sitemap to Google Search Console.

  16. I have submitted the site map as english-generalknowledge.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml.

    Status is success
    URL archives are accurate : 46

    But still indexing is not being done
    URL is not on Google is showing.

  17. I have already tried many times but they r not indexing it they are putting me in queue while they are saying your site has no error
    What should I do now?
    And how can I make a sitemap?

  18. Aditya kumar

    can you please check again rejected i dont know issue

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