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Site Down or Unavailable Problem solved, Google Domain –

This is very important that your site MUST be redirected from non-www to www when it is searched on Google. If your site is not redirecting from non-www to www then AdSense will NEVER approve your site because they are unable to review your site, and they will send you a Site Down or Unavailable message.
If you have purchased a new Domain from “Google” and you connected it to the blogger Blog, but your site is unable to open without www or it is not redirecting from non-www (https://yourDomain.com) to www (https://www.YourDomain.com) the site doesn’t load and it shows Site is coming soon or any other error page when you don’t include www.

In this post, you will know how you can fix the ‘Site Down or Unavailable‘ Problem, if you have purchased the Domain from Google Please, read every point carefully.

To solve “Site down or Unavailable” problem, you have to make some basic changes in your ‘Blogger settings’ and ‘DNS’ management settings.

Click here‘ to know the changes you have to do in your Blogger settings.

If you have done the above changes in your blog then Go to your Blogger Dashboard> click on settings> Basics> in publishing section> click on edit option next to your custom domain.

Now Click on “Redirect from yourDomain.com to www.yourDomain.com” after that click on ‘Save’ button.

After doing the basic changes in Blogger settings, If your blog is still not redirecting from non-www (https://example.com) to www (https://www.example.com) then you have to do some significant changes in your DNS management settings of the Google domain.

Here is a full screenshot of the ‘DNS’ settings of the Google domain. Don’t make any changes in the sections marked by the red box or any changes you have already made in these sections then please remove them and follow the following steps.

Click on screenshot for a better view

Now Go to the “Custom resource records” of your DNS settings and check that you have added these records in the ‘custom resource records’ or not,
1. Two ‘CNAME‘ records
2. Four ‘A’ records
If you have not added the records as showing in the screenshot above then add them now. If you have already added some of the above records then left them and add another record which you haven’t added yet. Do the following steps to add records in ‘custom resource records’.

Now type ‘www‘ in the first box, Select ‘CNAME‘ in the second box, Select ‘1H‘ in the third box and type “ghs.google.com” in the last box after that Click on ‘ADD‘. If it is saved then move to the next step. (see screenshot below)

Click on screenshot for a better view

Now Go to your Blogger settings, in the Publishing section click on the ‘edit’ button next to the custom domain. After that copy this text (see screenshot below).

Click on screenshot for a better view

Again Go to the ‘custom resource records’ of your DNS settings and paste it in the first box as shown in the screenshot below, Select ‘CNAME‘ in the second box, Select ‘1H‘ in the third box, Now copy this text from your blogger settings

Click on screenshot for a better view

And paste it in the last box. Click on “ADD” button. After doing the above procedure both CNAME records should look like this (see screenshot below) now move on to the next step.

Click on screenshot for a better view

Now you have to add 4 I.P. Address of Google in the ‘A’ record, Go to the “custom resource records” section of the DNS settings.

Type ‘@’ in the first box, select ‘A’ in the second box, Select ‘1H’ in the third box, Copy the following I.P of Google and paste it in the last box, here is an example, you have to add all the 4 I.P. given above as shown in the screenshot below.

Click on screenshot for a better view
Click on the ‘ADD‘ button to save it.
After 10-20 minutes of setting up all these things, you will see that your site is now started to redirect from non-www (https://yourDomain.com) to www (https://www.yourDomain.com) automatically. Now your site is ready to apply again for AdSense but I will recommend you that you should post 1 or 2 articles after that 1 or 2 days you should apply for AdSense.

If you get any error when you try to set up all these things then write down about that error in the comment section or take a screenshot of the error and send it to me through the email.

If everything is fine on your site then you can apply again for AdSense.

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  1. Abhishek

    Hi, Jobin Jose

    I have checked your site you need to remove the following lines from your 'robots.txt' file.

    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

    Or you can convert 'Disallow:' into "Allow: /"

  2. Fsc Notes

    i followed all the steps but still i am getting that error. my website:
    please help me.

  3. Abhishek


    I have checked your site and I couldn't find any problem directly from your site, if you send me a Screenshot of your DNS records then it will be better to understand the problems of your site and help you to solve this error.

    (Click on Facebook messenger icon at the bottom right corner to send screenshots)

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