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Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts, Headings Permalink, Search Description, Labels 

To write an SEO friendly blog Post or Article, keep in mind that you have Use Title and Headings correctly. You should insert the Main keyword to the PERMALINK because Permalink is more Important than the Title of the blog post. Also, Enter the Main keyword and related key points to the Search Description. You should also create a Label for your post.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts, Permalink, Search Description, Labels
Let’s begin,

Start with the Blog Post ‘Title’

In the blog post “Title” you have to insert the main keyword about your post/article. You should capitalize the first letter of each word of the blog post. e.g.- Best Ways to Get Your New Posts Indexed by Google Quickly (How to Submit URLs)

Compose & HTML

Below the Post Title, you will see the various options, these options are available for the formatting and editing of the blog post. Let’s start with the “Compose and HTML” option: If you have any HTML code like ‘ad unit‘ or any other HTML then first you have to click on ‘HTML‘ then you can insert the code after that you have to click on the “Compose” option to see them as simple view.

Undo & Redo

The next options are very simple and I think you may know about it: ‘Undo & Redo’ it is used to see what changes you have made in previous texts, to go backward or come forward step by step.

Font style & Font size

The next two options are also very simple: one option is to change the font style (example, example, example, etc.) and the another option is to change the font size (example, example, example, etc.) 

HeadingsSubheadings, & Minor headings 

Now the Next option is so much important and you must use this feature while you are writing a blog post. This is HeadingsSubheadings, and Minor headings. As it is clear by its name, Heading means the first line which you have to write in your blog post. 
Select the first Heading and Click here (screenshot) then click on “Heading” this will be your the first heading (h1) of the post. By the same process, you have to create Subheading (h2) and Minor heading (h3).

B     I      U     ABC 

The next options are very simple and I think you may already know about it, that is BoldItalicUnderline and Strikethrough. Bold (B) is used for making any word or sentence thicker than normal. Italic (I) is used for making any word or sentence slightly skew. 

Underline is used for making any word or sentence underline. Strikethrough is used to draw a Straight line in the middle of any word or sentence. The next options are used to change the color of the text and change the background color of the text.


The next option is Link, this option is used for making any word to work as a link. To create a link, select any word or sentence, Click on Link, Paste the URL and Click on OK

Insert Images

The next option is used to inserting the Images, Click on Insert Image Icon select any image from your computer after that click on ADD SELECTED to insert the image. After inserting the Image Click on Image and Click on properties…

Now you have to enter a Title text and an ALT text for the image (ALT text: – some keywords about your post)

The next options are: Insert a video (used for inserting a video), Insert special character(used for inserting special character), & Insert jump break (used for breaking the page).

The next options are: Alignment (It is used to align the texts to the left, right or center), Number list (It is used for the numbering of paragraph or sentences), Bullet list (It is used to insert the Bullets).

The next option is QUOTE, it is used for any special paragraph. select any particular paragraph and cluck on QUOTE icon () then the paragraph will look different. (see screenshot below)

The next options are: Remove formatting (to remove the changes that you have made to the texts), Spelling check (to check the spelling error), Translate (to translate the typed words in other languages into English), Alignment of the paragraph (right-to-left or left-to-right)

Labels & Schedule

The next options are: Labels (Label is like a category, write the name of the category in which your Post or Article falls. E.g.- SEO, AdSense, Result, Examination, News, etc.) Click on the “Label” to ADD a label. 

The Schedule is the fixed time at which your post will be published automatically, Click on Schedule to set a Publishing time.


Permalink is the most important for the SEO and ranking of your blog post on Google. It is more important than everything that you have read above (Title, Heading, Schedule, etc.). Permalink is the URL of your blog post (e.g.- https://www.sciencetechstudy.com/2019/08/best-ways-to-get-new-posts-indexed-quickly.html) and by the help of permalink, Google can find your post and show it to the users.

When you will click on “Permalink” you will see two option (i) Automatic permalink (ii) Custom permalink. You should always use the “Custom permalink” and you should insert the main keyword about your post in the Custom permalink. Suppose if you are writing a blog post on WAIT LOSE then you can insert this keyword in the permalink (wait-lose-tips). 

Search Description & Location

The next options are: Location (it is used to set the location of the blog post), Search Description (Copy the first 4-5 lines from your blog post after that Clic on Search Description, paste there and click on Done).


Following things, you should keep in mind while you are going to write a new Blog Post:-



SEO optimized images


Permalink (most important)

Search Description

If you are facing any difficulty in using any Options then you can write in the comment section below. 

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