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Best Ways to Get Your New Posts Indexed by Google Quickly –

How to Submit URLs in New Google Search Console?
Do you want to know how you can get indexed your blog Post or Article on Google very quickly?


You are on the Right Place because in this article you will learn how your posts/Articles can be indexed by google super-quickly.

Best ways to Get Your New Posts Indexed by Google Quickly, How to index posts on Google

The index time depends on the crawl rate i.e., The rate at which Google bots crawl your site or site’s content. That means higher the crawl rate will have a greater indexation speed.

To get indexed your posts on Google quickly first, you need to write an SEO friendly post then Google bots can index your posts as quickly as possible.

Your posts should have at least 500-600 words. you have to use ‘Title‘ and ‘Headings‘ correctly, all ‘images‘ should be SEO optimized.

You Must insert the Main keyword in the ‘Permalink’ (post URL) because Permalink is more Important than the Title of the blog post. Also, you have to put the Main keyword and related key points in the ‘Search Description‘.

Ok, let’s start: how you can get indexed your Blog Post or Article quickly.

First of all, you should check whether your site is available on Google or not. To check it, enter your site URL in Google Search box like this


If you didn’t find your site on Google by the above the process then, first you need to submit your  to the Google Search Console and also you need to submit your Sitemap to the Google Search Console.

If your site is available on Google then, by the same process you can check the availability of any particular post from your site on Google.


If didn’t find any of your posts from your site on Google by the above process then Go to your website and copy the URL of that post which wasn’t found on Google or copy the URL of your NEW written post which you want to get indexed by Google.

Make sure the URL that you have copied should be in this format:

Other formats of URL may not get indexed by Google, you should NOT submit the following formats of URL in Google search console.

After copying the URL of your blog post, Go to the Google Search Console, Click on ‘URL inspection’ and paste the blog post URL that you have copied from your site and hit the Enter Button on your keyboard.

After that, you will reach on this page, now Click on “TEST LIVE URL

When you will Click on ‘TEST LIVE URL’ you will have to wait for 1 or 2 minutes then you will reach on this page and you can see that “URL is on Google” now you have to click on “REQUEST INDEXING” again you will have to wait for 1 minute, then in a few hours Google will index your blog post.

You will have to do the same process for all your posts that have not yet been indexed by Google yet. If you have any questions regarding this Article Write down in the comment section.

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